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Mother, Silver/goldsmith, painter, dreamer


Lauren Cottrell Banner –from Carmel California via Singapore, Venezuela, Hawaii, Taos

While I have a deep connection to Carmel bay, a band of gypsy jewelers spirited me away to Taos, New Mexico in my early 20's. I discovered my love of stones and metal-working as I honed my skills as a silversmith. Southwestern concho belts, bracelets, and earrings were the catalysts for a long career as a silversmith before adding goldsmithing and working with fine gems.


For a time during the 70's I co-owned the Taos Tortilla Factory  ( thats me on the far left in the picture below) which brought me close to the community. I introduced vegi tamales to the menu and was almost laughed out of town! (Although I would like to say they did sell out even if I was twenty years ahead of the times).


I continued my metal smithing when I moved to Ithaca, New York, along with taking a decade to study the Classical Tibetan Language. All while happily raising my two wonderful girls Ariel and Mia. I returned to Carmel at one point to care for my ailing mother where painting was added to my creative gestures.

Through all of the changes the pull of New Mexico remained strong. The time finally came to go back and we have landed in the tiny town of Abiquiu, the heartland of Pueblo country, It is a small river valley in the high desert, big with magic and has startling landscape.  The quiet here is a powerful asset for all creative ventures. 

I also do AD work - audio description for film and tv.

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I hope you enjoy what you see. 


Taos 1978

Abiquiu 2021

Way back when, around 1977 maybe. We owned and ran the Tortilla Factory in Taos. We introd
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